Things to consider before making DIY raised planters

Making DIY raised planters for your garden or patio is one of the best activities that you can perform this weekend. It will not only give a personalized feeling but also save a lot of money that you may spend somewhere else. Before you start with the project you must plan it and think about important factors that can affect your overall project.


First of all you need to consider the size of your raised planter. Mostly people will like to have a planter which is 4 feet wide and around six to eight feet in length. This can provide you an ease to dig or weed the DIY raised planter.

Select a perfect location

Location plays an important role when you wanted to place your planter. You can place it anywhere from your backyard or driveway but make sure that it looks good and the area where you wanted to place it has proper drainage facility.

Installation of irrigation system

Another important thing to consider is the installation of irrigation system. In case you wanted to have a system in place then you need to do this before you finished with DIY raised planter. This is important because you can run hoses under layers of mulch or pathways and it will not create any trouble too.

Soil requirement

You can easily find the quantity of soil required for your raised planters from the soil calculators available online. When it comes to adding the soil to your planter you must choose the best one as per your budget. This can help you a great deal in raising the plants perfectly.

These are few things that you should focus on before you starting your DIY raised planter project at home; otherwise you may suffer during the project. Good luck!

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