Steps involved in building a DIY coffee table

Have you ever tried of making something on your own from wood? If yes then you are perfectly capable of making a DIY coffee table. You just need to follow the instructions and you will end up with a beautiful coffee table.

  • First of all you need to know the process of building any table that how it is composed of. Any table has 3 pats, a top, stringers or apron and legs.
  • The top can be easily made from .19cm plywood. You can easily cut the plywood to the shape and size you require
  • After finishing with the top you need to build apron. You can use 1×4 inch or 1×6 inch stock. Now you need to cut the stock to about 3 inches less to the width and length of table top. Assemble the apron pieces with beveled 45 degree ends using glue and corner clamps.
  • Now you have to make legs of the DIY coffee table. For this you can cut the untreated pine 4×4 inch. You should choose the length of table legs as per the height of coffee table you intended to make.
  • You should now attach the legs with each corner using screws.
  • Once you are done with attaching the coffee table legs, you should attach the legs and apron to top of table with screws. For this you need to turn the top of coffee table upside down.
  • Your DIY coffee table is almost ready. Now you have to wipe the dust of top and give a natural finish by applying varnish coats. To add some extra protection to your coffee table you can apply carnauba wax to the top surface. With this you have completed the coffee table and it can now be used for serving your guests.



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