Some recipes to make DIY dry shampoo

Now days you may have seen different dry shampoos available in the market and it is quite possible that you may have tried some of them. It can be easily said that these dry shampoos work really well for your hairs to make them healthier as compare to wet shampoos which deprive your hairs from the natural oils. It is also a fact that these dry shampoos can be little expensive. So if you wanted to save some money then why don`t you try make DIY dry shampoo at home? There are different ingredients which are easily available that can be used for making dry shampoo at home.

Cornstarch Dry Shampoo Recipe

You can add cornstarch to the roots of your hairs and then blend it through the hairs. Once you are done with this then use brush to remove cornstarch from hairs. This is a good DIY dry shampoo recipe as it can soak the dirt and oil which will be removed while brushing out the cornstarch. This is the best and oldest tricks used as dry shampoo.

Cheesecloth Dry Shampoo Method

This is a simple DIY dry shampoo trick which even don`t require any ingredients from your kitchen. You just need cheesecloth. Take a bristle brush and wrap cheesecloth around it and then start brushing your hair. It will remove all the dirt oil and dirt from your hair.

Cornmeal and Salt Dry Shampoo Recipe

Take one tablespoon salt and 1/2 cup of cornmeal. Put these in a shaker to mix these properly. A pepper or salt shaker can serve the purpose well but you can also use any other shaker as well that can make a good mixture. Once the mixture is ready, you need to apply it on your hairs. When you remove this mixture by brushing out you can see that it will bring the dirt and oil with it as well.

So these are few DIY dry shampoo recipes that you can easily make it on your home.

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