Some easy DIY toy storage Solutions

Mostly parents with small kids spend a lot of time is asking them to clear the mess of toys as kids usually play and throw the toys across the room. Further it is also not really easy to find some pleasing way to store these toys. So if you are also suffering from the same situation following are some great DIY toy storage solutions available for your ease.

Under couch drawers

One of the best ways to store your kid’s toys is to store them under couch drawers. You can slide these under the couch and enjoy the couch sitting as well.

Animal Topped mason jars

Your kid will surely love picking up action figures, crayons and other such stuff which they can easily store in these cute jars. You can spray these jars with beautiful colors to make these more attractive.

Flower planter wall storage

You can easily turn your metal flower planter into a great DIY toy storage solution. You can paint that planter with different colors or can also use stickers and then hang these on the wall.

Rolling Crates

Wooden crates are easily available and can be used for proper kid`s toys storage facility. This can not only act as a storage space but also helps in transporting toys from one room to another with ease.

Bath toy bins

Bath bins can also act as DIY toy storage solution. You just need to drill two three holes so that water can easily drain out and your toys remain dry. You can hang these buckets on the wall to give a good decorative look too.

So these are few ideas which can serve your purpose of making toy storage little pleasing. You can choose any or all of these ideas as per the availability of items required.


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