How to build Concrete steps for Gardens

If you are having a garden at your home and you wanted to add some garden steps to its slope to make it more beautiful, then you can use different materials like, timber, gravel, concrete slabs, bricks or large flat stones. The design of concrete steps for gardens depends upon the material you are using, the length and gradient of the slope.

Material and tools required

Concrete slabs and bricks will be used for making concrete steps for garden. The steps length will remain the same but when it comes to excavation, first step will be longer than the rest.

Step 1

First of all you should start by marking out the place where you want to build concrete steps. You should use pegs and builders line to mark the exact points.

Step 2

The next step is to know about the number of risers and treads you need. For this you have to check the horizontal distance and vertical height of flight of steps.

Step 3

Once you know about the height and length of your concrete steps for garden, you should use tread-riser combination chart to know about the exact tread length. Once you get this than strip away the turf with spade from your marked area.

Step 4

Once the turf is removed, now mark the back of treads. You should leave an extra 50mm so that you can easily work on it. After marking, start shaping the steps roughly with the spade. You must also left some depth beneath so that 100mm of hardcore can easily adjust there.

Step 5

The trench for the first riser should be at least 125mm deep. You must level all the steps before pouring in the concrete.

Step 6

When you prepare all the steps then start to concrete the footing. Once you fill all the steps with concrete then leave it for 24 hours to dry before you start building these.



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Best DIY craft books to read in 2019

At the start of New Year everyone has different inspirations and new plans to follow, if you are have already made your preference list then you must add some time to craft new things on your own to it. You may have executed some projects on your own during the past years but this time you should learn the new techniques and opportunities through best DIY craft books that are going to be published in 2018. Following are some books that you should read and learn how to create things on your own.

Japanese Stitches Unraveled

If you have ever thought that Japanese stitch pattern is difficult to understand than this book can help you a great deal in learning about how to execute these complicated stiches without any difficulty. Further you will also learn about the cultural background that inspires these patterns. There will be more than 150 different stitch patterns that you can learn through “Japanese Stitches Unraveled” written by Wendy Bernard. This book will be available to you from May 15, 2018.

By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering

If you are interested in learning calligraphy then this is the best DIY craft book for you. By going through this book by Nicole Miyuki Santo you will learn the basic as well as comprehensive details about how to create custom phrases and letters for your daily routine life. This book is available in stores from April 17, 2018.

Meet the Artist

This book is written by Alberto Giacometti and illustrated by Nick White, promises to the best DIY craft book for all those interested in learning art, like painting. This book offers you art lessons, creative projects and various art based activities. This is available in stores from March 2018.

You should select the best DIY craft book depending on your interest to take the full advantage, and if you wanted to learn new things then you should buy all these.




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DIY wall decor ideas

Have you shifted into a new house and you are looking for some DIY wall decor that are affordable and won` t stretches your budget? Don`t worry there are many options available from which you can choose the best one depending upon your choice and budget. The only thing that is important is to have a good sense of style and design that can suit your requirement.

Colored pencil wall art

One of the creative ideas that are becoming really popular is to go for the colored pencil wall art. For this you need pencils of different colors. Arrange these in such a way that it looks nice. You should follow the shade pattern like starting from dark colors and moving towards light colors. This will be a good fun activity too.

Lips from wooden pallets

You can make different DIY wall decors with the help of wooden pallets. Have you ever tried making lips from these? If don`t then you must try this, it will add a whole new flavor to your decorations.

Paper butterflies

Another good wall décor can be paper butterflies. This is an incredible idea, where you can make paper butterflies and paste them on your room walls. It will give a great look to your room.

Rainbow colored string wall art

This is also a great and innovative DIY wall décor idea that is circulating online. IT is also not very difficult to execute. For this you have to take different rainbow colored string and use these in any pattern that you like. You can write something using these strings or can draw any image or anything else you want.

You can choose the best one among the above mentioned ideas or you can also use your own creativity to create something similar or different to make your room wall look good.

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Some easy DIY toy storage Solutions

Mostly parents with small kids spend a lot of time is asking them to clear the mess of toys as kids usually play and throw the toys across the room. Further it is also not really easy to find some pleasing way to store these toys. So if you are also suffering from the same situation following are some great DIY toy storage solutions available for your ease.

Under couch drawers

One of the best ways to store your kid’s toys is to store them under couch drawers. You can slide these under the couch and enjoy the couch sitting as well.

Animal Topped mason jars

Your kid will surely love picking up action figures, crayons and other such stuff which they can easily store in these cute jars. You can spray these jars with beautiful colors to make these more attractive.

Flower planter wall storage

You can easily turn your metal flower planter into a great DIY toy storage solution. You can paint that planter with different colors or can also use stickers and then hang these on the wall.

Rolling Crates

Wooden crates are easily available and can be used for proper kid`s toys storage facility. This can not only act as a storage space but also helps in transporting toys from one room to another with ease.

Bath toy bins

Bath bins can also act as DIY toy storage solution. You just need to drill two three holes so that water can easily drain out and your toys remain dry. You can hang these buckets on the wall to give a good decorative look too.

So these are few ideas which can serve your purpose of making toy storage little pleasing. You can choose any or all of these ideas as per the availability of items required.


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Making of personalized DIY stepping stones

There are many ways in which you can give a personalized look to your garden. One of those is making DIY stepping stones. These stones can also be used on the path or walkway of your garden and you can also gift these to your friends and family members. You can also make these extra special by using a child`s footprint or hand print on it. To make these stones at home you can easily purchase a kit, but if you wanted to save some money that you can pick up the required supplies yourself. It can save you a lot of money; in fact a complete pack of DIY stepping stones can be made for the same amount for which you will purchase single kit.

Supplies Required

Making of stepping stone is not very difficult. It can be made easily by mixing concrete, and then decorate it, putting it in mold and then let it dry. For all this you need following material and supplies:

  • A mold
  • Quick setting concrete
  • Bucket and paint mixer
  • Old newspaper, rubber gloves, drop cloth
  • Petroleum jelly

Steps involved in making stepping stones

  • First of all you should put a drop cloth or newspaper on the ground.
  • Line up your molds with petroleum jelly.
  • Now you should mix the concrete as per the instructions written on the bag as per your required quantity.
  • After mixing concrete, transfer it into molds.
  • You can now add embellishments. For this you can use anything you want, any design or any other specific thing as per your choice.
  • After adding embellishments to your DIY steeping stone, you should let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. Once it gets dry, you can remove it from the mold and place where ever you want in your garden.
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