How to make DIY pillow slipcovers? 

For most of the people making pillow cover is not a big deal, but for some it is really a big task which they find extremely difficult to execute. If you are one of those who find it difficult and wanted to learn how to make a perfect DIY pillow slipcover then you can learn it easily.

First of all you need to print some beautiful printed fabrics from online fabric store. After printing the fabric, start cutting and ironing the piece for pillow. The measurement for a normal pillow is 16” but you can choose the measurement as per your liking. To make a nice overlap you need an overall length of 36”. This way your image will remain in the center of your pillow.

Now when the fabric is ready you need to fold it together having the wrong side on top and then sew the two seams that are on the side. You don`t need to sew the opening seams as it can save good amount of time. Following the same procedure you will be able to make 4-5 DIY pillow slipcovers within an hour.

Now your pillow covers are ready, but now the main thing is to decide about the right kind of foam. You can use great down pillow form as it can bring life to the pillows and make them comfy, fluffy as well as chop-able. Remember that your pillow needs to be very comfortable for your proper sleep. If you are not comfortable in your sleep then you will not woke up fresh next morning and won`t able to perform your daily routine matters with ease. So make your own DIY pillow slipcovers and fill them with comfortable material to enjoy sound sleep and get the feeling of personalized pillows.

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