How to make DIY Fidget Spinner

Don`t tells me you haven`t heard of fidget spinner over the last year. If this is so, then you must be living somewhere remote or under a rock where there is no internet. This toy becomes so popular that it comes in the list of best selling toys on Amazon. On the other hand if you come across one or have heard something about fidget spinner, then you will be happy to know that you can make DIY fidget spinner yourself. You can easily find its templates online. You can make a basic fidget spinner by following these steps.

  • You need to draw round template on your card twice and then cut these two shapes.
  • Attach both shapes together using glue.
  • Make a hole in the centre of shape with the help of pin.
  • You can make a bigger hole using the scissors end so that toothpick can fit in loosely in your DIY fidget spinner.
  • Use PVA glue to attach coins at every end.
  • Now till glue get dryer, you should draw round penny twice on cardboard and cut both circles.
  • Make a center hole in one of the circles but this time it should be tight enough so that toothpick can stick there.
  • Place the toothpick through the hole and apply glue. Now when the glue gets dry, pass the other end of toothpick from the largest shape and second circle. With this you will have circles on every side of spinner.
  • You need to thrust two circles jointly and let there be some gap on either side of spinner so that it can spin easily. Put blob of PVA glue to the bottom and top of spinner hole. When the glue get dry the cut the toothpick from as close to the cardboard as possible. With this you will end up having your own DIY fidget spinner.

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