How to make DIY 3d paper tree?

Do you enjoy doing different things or making things that attracts you by yourself. If yes then have you ever tried making a 3d paper tree? If don`t then you must give it a try, it will be a great experience to make a DIY 3d paper tree. Material requirement for making a paper tree is as follow:

  • Brown card stock (heavy to medium weight)
  • Light weight paper (green, yellow, red or orange)
  • Scoring tools (ballpoint pen, blunt plastic knife)
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

First of all you need to print out any of the trees trunk template on the brown card from the online sources. You can print four trunks of different sizes to make a beautiful tree. After printing you should cut these trunks and branches.

Once you are done with branches and trunks then you should go for leaves. You can make the DIY 3d paper tree leave by using the light weight paper. You can create many paper leaves at one time by following below mentioned steps:

  • First of all cut a paper strip. The width of the paper strip must be according to the leaf width.
  • After that you should fold the strip in half as many times as you want your leaf length.
  • Now fold this paper half lengthwise.
  • When all is done then cut half a leaf shape from the folded edge.

Now unfold the paper and you will get many beautiful leaves for your DIY 3d paper tree.

Once you get these leafs then you should glue these onto your tree branches. You can continue gluing untill you become happy with your tree`s look. So this is how easily you can make your own 3d paper tree and home. Good luck!

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