How to build Concrete steps for Gardens

If you are having a garden at your home and you wanted to add some garden steps to its slope to make it more beautiful, then you can use different materials like, timber, gravel, concrete slabs, bricks or large flat stones. The design of concrete steps for gardens depends upon the material you are using, the length and gradient of the slope.

Material and tools required

Concrete slabs and bricks will be used for making concrete steps for garden. The steps length will remain the same but when it comes to excavation, first step will be longer than the rest.

Step 1

First of all you should start by marking out the place where you want to build concrete steps. You should use pegs and builders line to mark the exact points.

Step 2

The next step is to know about the number of risers and treads you need. For this you have to check the horizontal distance and vertical height of flight of steps.

Step 3

Once you know about the height and length of your concrete steps for garden, you should use tread-riser combination chart to know about the exact tread length. Once you get this than strip away the turf with spade from your marked area.

Step 4

Once the turf is removed, now mark the back of treads. You should leave an extra 50mm so that you can easily work on it. After marking, start shaping the steps roughly with the spade. You must also left some depth beneath so that 100mm of hardcore can easily adjust there.

Step 5

The trench for the first riser should be at least 125mm deep. You must level all the steps before pouring in the concrete.

Step 6

When you prepare all the steps then start to concrete the footing. Once you fill all the steps with concrete then leave it for 24 hours to dry before you start building these.



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