DIY Room Decor ideas (4)

If you are shifted into a new house and you are looking to add some new decorations to your room then why don`t you try some easy and quick DIY room décor tips. This will not only help you in saving some money, but you will also have a personalized feeling. Following are few ideas that you can try.

Floating Leaves

This is a simple, easy and nature loving DIY room décor idea. For this you need some old clear jars. You just have to fill this water and lay few leaves in jars. This will give a great different display of art without much effort.

Reclaimed Crate Furniture

You can make furniture for your room from the items that you are already using at your home, like if there are few old crates available in your home, you can easily transform into superbly stylish furniture piece. You can go for making seats, coffee tables and even beds in some cases. You can use these crates in any way possible depending upon your needs.

Smart Clever cover up board

In most of the houses, you may have seen dishes piled up in sink. This becomes worst when you friends came without intimation and you start trying hiding this mess. So if you are also suffering from this situation time and again, then you should use creative side of your mind and try to cover this up with smart cover up board. For this purpose you can use any sizeable plastic board or old cutting board that you are not using now. You can personalize it as per the requirement and make sure that it can easily cover up your sink whenever you require it in emergency.

So these are few DIY room décor ideas with which you can add a whole new look to your room without spending a lot of money.