DIY wall decor ideas

Have you shifted into a new house and you are looking for some DIY wall decor that are affordable and won` t stretches your budget? Don`t worry there are many options available from which you can choose the best one depending upon your choice and budget. The only thing that is important is to have a good sense of style and design that can suit your requirement.

Colored pencil wall art

One of the creative ideas that are becoming really popular is to go for the colored pencil wall art. For this you need pencils of different colors. Arrange these in such a way that it looks nice. You should follow the shade pattern like starting from dark colors and moving towards light colors. This will be a good fun activity too.

Lips from wooden pallets

You can make different DIY wall decors with the help of wooden pallets. Have you ever tried making lips from these? If don`t then you must try this, it will add a whole new flavor to your decorations.

Paper butterflies

Another good wall décor can be paper butterflies. This is an incredible idea, where you can make paper butterflies and paste them on your room walls. It will give a great look to your room.

Rainbow colored string wall art

This is also a great and innovative DIY wall décor idea that is circulating online. IT is also not very difficult to execute. For this you have to take different rainbow colored string and use these in any pattern that you like. You can write something using these strings or can draw any image or anything else you want.

You can choose the best one among the above mentioned ideas or you can also use your own creativity to create something similar or different to make your room wall look good.

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