DIY Dress Ideas

New season has arrived and it brings warm weather and cute dresses and skirts with it. You may already be looking for shopping the nice budget friendly dresses. So if you wanted to save some money and also wanted to have beautiful dresses then why don`t you try some DIY dress ideas with some of the skirts and shirts you already have.

Skirt with pockets

If you love wearing simple skirt, but wanted to add something new to it, then the best and easiest thing to do is to add pockets to it. It will not only give a different look but you can also carry small items with you.

Easy Skirt

You just need to take some fabric and elastic. Now practice making zig zag stitching on sewing machine. You can easily learn it through online sources and make a simple skirt for you on your own.

Makeover T-Shirt

This a defiantly a cool idea with which you can turn your old T-shirts into something that really looks up to date and modern and can be worn at parties and functions. You can crop up the sleeves, cut the collar and tie up the back to give a whole new look to your old T-shirt.

Shiny Collar Tank Top

Another DIY dress idea is to turn your old T-shirt into something amazing. You need to cut the sleeves and little shine to your shirts collar by using voila and old CDs.

These are just few ideas for DIY dress but you can experiment many more by using your imagination and stuff available. One thing is sure that the design that you make for yourself will surely look good but also helps you in saving money as well as space as you are not buying new stuff but working with the same old dress available with you.

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