DIY doll house by using a shoebox

There are different methods of making doll houses using different material. The easiest is to make a DIY doll house by using shoebox. These doll houses can be good for small dolls and can also be easily made by the kids at home. So if there is a holiday and you wanted to have some fun activity at home with your kids then you can engage them in making doll house.

  • First of all you should get three or four large, squarish shoe boxes. It will be perfect if all of these are of the same size.
  • Now you must remove or cut off the lids and then turn the boxes on their longer sides. The panel which was the bottom of the shoebox now serves as the back wall and the side panel becomes the floor.
  • To make your DIY doll house interior colorful, use paint on the inside of shoebox. Further you can also use a carpet or scrap wood to make proper floor. Your child drawing can become the wallpaper.
  • When you are done with decoration of your rooms, then you can glue them together in shape of house. You can make a flat house or have different levels, and your house rooms can be as big as you find the shoeboxes.
  • If you wanted to have a flat roof for your DIY doll house, then you don`t need anything extra, but if you wanted to have an elevated roof then you can get it by folding a cardboard and taping it accordingly.
  • After finishing the interior, you can now paint the exterior of your doll house, to make a better look. Further you can cut windows or can even make window shutters for giving real look.
  • With this you can enjoy your DIY doll house.





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