Best DIY craft books to read in 2019

At the start of New Year everyone has different inspirations and new plans to follow, if you are have already made your preference list then you must add some time to craft new things on your own to it. You may have executed some projects on your own during the past years but this time you should learn the new techniques and opportunities through best DIY craft books that are going to be published in 2018. Following are some books that you should read and learn how to create things on your own.

Japanese Stitches Unraveled

If you have ever thought that Japanese stitch pattern is difficult to understand than this book can help you a great deal in learning about how to execute these complicated stiches without any difficulty. Further you will also learn about the cultural background that inspires these patterns. There will be more than 150 different stitch patterns that you can learn through “Japanese Stitches Unraveled” written by Wendy Bernard. This book will be available to you from May 15, 2018.

By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering

If you are interested in learning calligraphy then this is the best DIY craft book for you. By going through this book by Nicole Miyuki Santo you will learn the basic as well as comprehensive details about how to create custom phrases and letters for your daily routine life. This book is available in stores from April 17, 2018.

Meet the Artist

This book is written by Alberto Giacometti and illustrated by Nick White, promises to the best DIY craft book for all those interested in learning art, like painting. This book offers you art lessons, creative projects and various art based activities. This is available in stores from March 2018.

You should select the best DIY craft book depending on your interest to take the full advantage, and if you wanted to learn new things then you should buy all these.




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